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Loose tea or tea bags?

Written by Catunambú.

Nowadays there are more and more people who use loose tea instead of tea bags because, although they can be the same tea, they are different in flavour and use.

What are the differences between loose tea and tea bags?

1-    Better for your health

Loose tea has bigger leaves so it remains more health giving properties for certain diseases like cancer, cholesterol or high blood pressure because of the catechin and polyphenols that it contains.

2-    More intense flavour

As leaves have not been grinded, they do not lose flavours, aromas and nuances. Every cup of tea is tasted differently because tea releases the substances slowly and gradually. On the other hand, tea in bags releases all the substances instantaneously.

3-    Variety

It is more difficult to find a wide range of loose tea  flavours because of the use of tea bags is yet higher. Anyway there are more and more companies who are offering this loose tea.

4-    Quality

When consuming loose tea we can appreciate its composition, while we cannot know the presence of added nuances, artificial aromas or flavour blends that don’t match with the offered product.

Loose tea has all the antioxidants and polyphenols from the tea plants that are good for our health, while tea bags have much more fluoride.

5-    Price

Loose tea can seem to be more expensive firstly, but if we drink more than three cups every day, we will save money because we can make more infusions from it.

Every kind of tea makes you enjoy and offers its own sensation and benefit.

And, how do you drink it? Loose tea or tea bags? Just discover them.



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