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She’s got a coffee body, that makes me keep awake

Written by Cristina Díaz.

Every moment, every sip, every glance, every blinking…

I met you in a bar, yes, a bar, but around the hands of another man.

I couldn’t stop staring at you, I couldn’t say if because of your aroma or your body, but I couldn’t stop.

I watch how that man stared at you and enjoyed your presence, it was difficult to understand, I had never felt like that before and I was afraid. I suddenly got up and got close to ask, I needed to know who you were and why everybody looked at you, everybody smelt you and everybody enjoyed you. “Don’t worry sir; you will be able to do the same when your turn comes”, the barman answered me.

Time went by slowly, seconds seemed to be minutes and even minutes seemed to last like hours. I was getting nervous, I was getting sleepless. But my moment arrived.

“Good morning Sir, What do you wish?”

“I… I want… I need that!” I answered.

“One coffee?” he replied to me while stared at me surprised.

“Yes, I want a coffee, but… I want that coffee! Meanwhile, I was watching thoroughly how you entered in that white cup with red letters and I smelt the aroma you released while you were falling.

And my moment arrived, I had you between my hands, I could smell you, look at you, taste you and even caress you.

You were different, one of a kind and irresistible. Your aroma and body had captivated me, I never thought that someone called Catunambú could in every moment, every sip, every glance, every blinking… makes me keep awake!


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