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Coffees around the World

clasificacionIn Catunambú we care for the quality of our coffees, from its origin to your cup by always selecting excellent quality.

Our formula is made with special care by not only selecting the best beans, but also looking for suitable combinations among the best origins with the aim of offering a unique and unbeatable flavor.

The best aromas, flavors and tastes are found in a Catunambú coffee cup.

Among the components of our formula, you can find:

Guatemala SHB – Volcán de Oro

It is considered one of the best coffees in the world. Grown over 1,800 meters high has a perfect balance between body and acidity. This coupled with an unbeatable flavor, makes its fame to be perfectly fair.

Guatemala’s nature provides all the requirements for growing a good coffee: it is territory of great height with volcanic soils and large amounts of minerals and nutrients attached to adequate temperatures and rainfall for this crop. The combination of all these factors offers us an exceptional variety.


It is a coffee from the high mountains of Oaxaca and Veracruz, in Mexico with an extraordinary quality with great sourness and lots of flavor. It is a light-body coffee and its taste reminds to nuts and dried fruits.

Brasil Santos SS F.C.

Brazil is the largest coffee producer in the world. We could say that in their crops, we find the entire coffee universe, and among all its varieties, Finé Cup is the one that we use in our formula. An Arabica coffee, which brings sweetness and consistency to the palate thanks to a fruity touch.


It is the softest and best of all the Robusta quality coffees. It provides strength and body, but always respecting the aromas of the Arabica origins. Its grain is spectacular.


Our Colombian coffee beans have a very high quality and a great taste, along with a highly developed and pleasant scent and sometimes with some hints of peanuts. It results completely sweeping once it is in the cup.

Tanzania AA

Cultivated over 1,800 meters near Kilimanjaro Mountain, the Tanzania AA is a well-balanced coffee with body, low acidity and an exquisite aroma: one of the best in the world.

Honduras SHG Marcala

It is an exquisite and exclusive coffee. All the Marcala sacks are strictly controlled. Only the genuine Marcala coffee sacks which are grown at high altitude and in this geographic area can have Marcala naming. It is a sweet and light coffee with a nice orange and peach citrus touch.

Venezuela Tachira

It is a unique and highly valued cup. It is not very similar to other American coffees. Its taste is aromatic, light, soft, delicate, and not very acid. Cultivated in the Andes, is the best coffee in Venezuela. It has high class and it is among the top best coffees in the world thanks to its features.

Costa Rica Tarrazu

The coffees cultivated in the region of "San Marcos de Tarrazu" are highly appreciated for their taste, quality and features: fine acidity and excellent aroma with an intense and slightly chocolate flavor.

Etiopía Lekempti

This coffee has a high acidity and body. Its taste is aromatic and sweet with slight spaced nuances. It grows semi wild in the shade of large trees, within a microclimate of special features and high humidity.

Kenia AA Kilimanjaro

It is a very renowned and high quality coffee, cultivated in small quantities, but greatly appreciated. The good weather conditions and the constant warm temperatures provide an excellent aromatic, intense and fruity grain.

Papua Nueva Guinea

It is a coffee with great personality, a singular full-bodied Arabica specialty with great personality and low acidity.

Brasil Cerrado

Cultivated in the region of Minas Gerais, it is within the numerous cafes in Brazil one of the most appreciated for its low acidity, medium body, smooth aroma and sweet flavor. Enjoy its long aftertaste of nuts, peanuts and cacao touches.


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