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envasadoFor coffee beans

Packed in special machines that incorporate a packaging system called ‘MAP’ (modified atmosphere packaging), which provides a 99,5% oxygen free packaging. This is a key element since oxygen is a main factor involved in the oxidation of coffee.

The estimated conservation of organoleptic properties (taste) is in between six months and one year.

Catunambú containers incorporate the ‘Goglio Valve’ system that guarantees that our consumers will receive our coffees with fullness of flavor and aroma.

For ground coffee

Coffee can be grounded immediately once roasted, and ‘vacuum packaged’ afterwards.

Once the grain is grinded and the physical structure of the grain is broken, the degasification process is drastically reduced from three months to 18 hours.

This result allows us to get a compact pack of coffee keeping the taste and the quality of the CATUNAMBÚ grain and to bring the highest quality to our consumers.


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