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What makes our coffee unique?


Body is a term used to describe a characteristic of brewed coffee determined by its feel within the taster's mouth. Descriptions of a coffee’s body are often related to the texture or heaviness of the coffee.

Body can be determined by coffee's origin, and some varieties have a heavier body than others. Additionally, the degree of roast is a substantial factor in determining this characteristic. Body peaks in medium-dark roasts and begins to decrease as the roast continues.


Acidity is a term used to describe a flavor characteristic of coffees, which have a noticeably tart flavor, similar to a dry wine. Many coffees with high acidity are also described as bright or citrusy. Despite the name, coffees described as having a high degree of acidity do not generally contain a higher pH acid balance. Coffees described as acidic are often Arabica coffees grown at high altitude. Coffees grown in Eastern Africa are often noted for their acidity. As coffee beans are roasted darker, acidic notes become less apparent but may manifest themselves as more sharp or with pungent flavors..


Aroma is the characteristic smell of a freshly made coffee resulting from the etheric oils released during extraction.


Taste may be acidic, rough, soft, bitter, sharp, penetrating... There are so many possible adjectives for this, but in terms of taste sensations, the coffee can be sweet, sour, salty or bitter.


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