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Cup Service

Our mission

Catunambú "Cup Service"

The strength of Catunambú is the quality of the offered service.

We help our customers to sell more and more coffee.

All our clients are treated as partners.

What is the ‘Cup Service’?

We must be aware of the fact that everyone who is in touch with our coffee has been trained in an appropriate way. We want them to be proud of what they are serving.

Each client will receive guaranteed weekly or monthly visits from a sales agent or qualified technician who will deal with the customer and prompt new products. The order is guaranteed to be processed the same day and delivered the next morning.

Delivery is made by Catunambú order to keep the process manageable and entirely within our own control. Another quality guarantee!

When the goods are delivered, the driver will check if there is any problem with the machines, checking its external appearance (clean and neat), and if coffee is properly distributed, as well as configuration and standard flavor.

This ensures that you are using a machine and grinder suitable for serving a perfect Catunambú coffee. Top quality!

If this is not possible, a technical specialist will visit our customers. Checking each machine and, if necessary, making adjustments, and performing necessary repairs.

The sales agent may also make minor adjustments or repairs. If this is not possible, or the repair is important, a technician will be requested to come by 24 hrs (if possible) and will entail the replacement parts needed.

Catunambú has a distributor in each region with its own sales representatives, technicians and shipping department, ensuring a fast delivery service.

We try to avoid, whenever possible, common errors and to train our customers as best as we can. Customer relationship and coffee selling is much more important than bothering errors that may occur!

The relationship with the client and its business volume of coffee are the most important factors!


  • Polígonos Industrial Calonge
  • c/ Fósforo nº1
  • 41007 Sevilla

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