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Training school

aula formacionIn Catunambú we are aware of the importance of learning to be able to stand out in an increasingly competitive environment, and also for finding professional excellence.

That is the reason why we make a wide range of training courses available to our customers. Our courses are described in the following pages.


Coffee’s Origins


  • To show step-by-step all the process of coffee from its beans growing in the producing countries to the moment it reaches the cup.
  • To teach how to differentiate a Robusta coffee from an Arabica one.
  • To know some of the concepts used in a coffee tasting.

What makes us different from others?


  • To demonstrate why our coffees are preferred in Andalusia.
  • To view our complete packing and sealing measures to ensure the preservation of our product.
  • To discover the results of comparisons with our competitors.

Cup service


  • To teach how to detect possible anomalies in the coffee and solve them quickly and easily.
  • To show to the barista how to get the best out of your coffee, ensuring the quality of it.

Product Range


  • To meet all our wide range of products, with different characteristics.
  • To learn how to make the most of each product.

Machines and grinders


  • To teach how to detect anomalies in the grinder and the coffee machine and solve them easily.

Routine cleaning for the machines


  • To teach the importance of creating a custom routine cleaning for the machines.
  • To show the form and frequency for such cleaning.

List of specialty coffees


  • To teach how to make different coffees.
  • To show tricks and strategies for the presentations of the coffees.
  • To start the creation of new combinations.
  • To teach how to emulsify the milk properly for cappuccinos and derivatives.

Our courses!



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